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Awakening Deeper Meaning and Awareness In Everyday Life. Create a Life You Love Personally and Professionally. Lifestyle Wellness and Leadership Development:

Transforming individuals to thrive and surpass their own limits.

Our mind is a system that can be trained in adaptability to Forge Resilience and Ignite Excellence: Overcome stress, anxiety and burn out. Lets rewire your nervous system.

We partner with leaders and organizations to enhance their growth, development, and performance through a balanced holistic approach, challenging traditional success paradigms.

We recognize the transformative influence of a holistic lifestyle on achievements. Our expertise bridges corporate and creative realms, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for impactful results.

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Meet Myriam Cokmann

Former Luxury Business Leader.

I’ve dedicated my career to luxury giants like Donna Karan, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Giorgio Armani, I amassed an impressive track record. Yet, this path left me feeling trapped and unfulfilled. Success came with anxiety and a haunting void, driving me toward a profound transformation.

I have 22 years of experience in Quantum Healing Modalities and am certified in Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. On the business side, I am a certified Brand Strategist from Kellogg School of Management. . I fearlessly pursued my passion, aligning my career with my core beliefs, and successfully launched my dream business full-time.

Fulfillment varies for everyone; taking action overcomes excuses. Embrace your unique path, break free, and reveal your authentic self.

Embraced by luxury giants such as Donna Karan, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Giorgio Armani, my career journey was undeniably impressive. However, within the opulence and acclaim, I found myself feeling trapped and unfulfilled.

I once believed that changing companies or opening my own showroom in the same field would bring happiness. However, the feeling of loss and emptiness persisted, prompting me to seek deeper fulfillment. Facing bankruptcy and a potential life-threatening health scare prompted a profound transformation. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, embracing my true self and nurturing a deep mind-body-soul connection. I released labels and status linked to my past industry success, seeking a more authentic path.

I began seeking answers in my twenties, and this exploration led me to the study of meta and quantum physics, learning diverse energy healing modalities. This journey prompted me to revisit the roots of my healing path. With 22 years of experience in Quantum Healing Modalities, I am also certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and an NLP Practitioner. On the business side, I obtained certification as a Brand Strategist from Kellogg School of Management, empowering business leaders to bring their visions to life authentically. Fearlessly pursuing my passion, I aligned my career with my core beliefs and successfully launched my ideal business full-time.

Fulfillment varies for everyone; taking action overcomes excuses. Embrace your unique path, break free, and reveal your authentic self.

Embrace Your Gifts and Potential with Coaching.

Lead With Soul and Unlock Your Greatest Self


Imagine if you were always right about your capabilities. What if you’re destined for a life filled with more meaning and achievement? What if you could redefine who you are, conquer daunting goals, and enjoy every moment of the journey?

It’s simple. Inside you, there’s limitless potential. We all have it. Coaching has the incredible power to unleash your best self. Through coaching, you’ll gain confidence, eliminate self-doubt, and focus on what truly matters to you.

You’ll live your most significant, most fearless life, unapologetically. Coaching transformed my life, and it can transform yours too. Countless people worldwide have benefited, and you will undoubtedly do the same.

Coaching empowers women to enhance their work satisfaction, well-being, and performance, ensuring nothing holds them back. Unleash the version of yourself that is tired of hiding.

Ready to transform your life? Take the first step today and unlock your full potential. Start your coaching journey now!


Lasting Fulfillment Comes From Personal Growth, Not Just Professional Success.

Executive Leadership Meets Holistic Motivation

How can Myriam help you?

We can work with clients worldwide. All interactive Coaching and programs are available via Zoom for global coaching clients.

Deep Dive Bespoke 1:1 Coaching Programs

Offering personalized coaching and mentorship programs tailored to forward-thinking female leaders and companies worldwide.
This program is for you if: you’re an ambitious professional with 10+ years of experience, seeking clarity, purpose, and fulfillment, ready to make a lasting impact through personal growth and alignment.

6 Week Boot Camp : Renew and Restore

Are you ready to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit? Our 6-Week Boot Camp is your ticket to a renewed and restored you.
This program is for you if: you’re seeking to reset your life’s direction, develop a healthier lifestyle, improve habits efficiently, and boost energy while reducing stress for enhanced well-being.


We understand that leadership is not just about titles; it’s about influence, inspiration, and impact. Our program is designed to unlock the full potential of emerging leaders in you.
This program is for you if: You’re an emerging leader, high-potential employee, new manager, or creative entrepreneur aspiring to lead with impact in your team.

Soulpreneur Success 6 month Blueprint Program

Corporate Wellness Program designed to empower your employees and transform your workplace.Your most valuable asset is your workforce. A healthy, motivated team is the bedrock of any successful organization.
This program is designed for: Employees across the company, HR and Benefits Managers. Leadership Teams and Wellness Committees. We’ll inspire wellness, one employee at a time.

what our clients are saying

Changing Lives. One Inspiring Story At A Time.

“I'm profoundly grateful for the incredible strides I've made with Myriam. She empowers you to transition into your full potential and discover your true self.”

— Catherine Z, Breathwork, Yoga and Fitness Coach

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“Myriam has been my coach for the past few years. Her custom plans have helped me succeed in my business while maintaining my well-being. She's not just a coach; she's a friend who genuinely cares about my success.”


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“Coaching with Myriam for the past six months has empowered me and given me a newfound sense of freedom. I've connected the mental, emotional, and spiritual dots, gaining self-understanding and inner clarity. Understanding my values was a game-changer for my vision, resulting in a balanced, fulfilling life and a business I genuinely adore. As a result, new opportunities have been presented to me and my career success is on the rise”

— V. Morales, Marketing Strategist

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Why choose me

Empower Your Transformation Journey

I help leaders and companies through a transformative path towards increased performance, accelerated growth, and sustainable success.

When it comes to creating an enriching career, balance is a dynamic process that involves optimizing various dimensions of wellness, including creativity, profession, social connections, nutrition, mindset, inner connection, and self-care.

This holistic integration is crucial for personal growth, helping individuals overcome past obstacles and propel themselves forward in life with strength and purpose.

In our relentless pursuit of success, it’s easy to overlook the profound impact that a holistic lifestyle can have on our performance, growth, and overall achievements.

Get Ready

Want To Become My Next Success Story?

Discover how to align with your innermost desires and purpose with inspired holistic executive business coaching. Work with me through multiple methods, including:
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